Types of Sunrooms and Their Benefits

Types of Sunrooms and Their Benefits

Wood sunrooms

These are a great choice if you want a traditional design with an authentic look. You can get them in a variety of painted finishes and stains. The most popular type of wood used is oak but it is expensive so it is not an option for anyone on a budget.

• They can enhance your home’s natural appeal visually
• You can get them in a variety of wood species
• Being wood they are an excellent insulator
• They can be finished to protected them from deteriorating
• These types of sunrooms are not affected by extreme changes in temperatures
• They are not as prone to condensation when you compare them to other sunroom materials.

Aluminum sunrooms

These sunrooms are usually built using structural aluminum. The reason is that aluminum is lightweight, strong, and will give the room the support that is necessary without obstructing the view that you can see through the glass. Having sunrooms made of glass and aluminum takes less time to build and does not create as much of a mess. You can have a full or partial glass aluminum sunroom. This sunroom can usually be completed within seven days. It is a little more expensive than vinyl but cheaper than wood. These sunrooms come in many different colors, very durable, require little maintenance, and have a sleek contemporary look.

• They provide years of reliable operation and use
• It is a strong conductor of heat but is a poor insulator
• Of all the sunroom construction materials this type is the most durable and strongest.
• Very resistant to deteriorating
• Various colors that can match your home
• It can be painted unlike vinyl

Vinyl sunrooms

These sunrooms are also known as PVC sunrooms and are the best selling ones on the market today. It is a highly insulated material and is almost maintenance free. You can also get them in a variety of styles, sizes, and shapes. The reason that so many people like this type of sunroom is that it can be manufactured in all most all of the popular designs, like Victorian Edwardian, Lean-To, and Georgian. A vinyl sunroom is very versatile and performs well in the extreme heat and cold. It is the lowest cost option for sunrooms. With this sunroom you have the option of externally glazed windows or internal beaded windows, which is burglar resistant and more secure.

• Energy efficient
• Vinyl cannot be painted but they are available in a variety of colors
• Completely resistant to corrosion and rust
• Can be cleaned with water and soap.

This article is penned by Lora Davis for Solarshield Industries Inc. The company is an expert at construction for sun rooms and patio enclosures.

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