Romantic Bedroom Ideas – Top Ten Ideas For Him and Her

Romantic Bedroom Ideas – Top Ten Ideas For Him and Her

Bedroom besides being the place you sleep, it is the place for intimacy in the case of couples. In this article, I will share with you top ten great ideas to make your stay in the bedroom more romantic and intimate. These ideas are for adult romance and intimacy.

1. Have you watched the movie Titanic? Yes! Make drawings of each other in nude in the bedroom.

2. Go visit an adult board game shop and purchase one which you think is interesting. Surprise her and play it before bedtime for a sizzling bedroom experience.

3. You know melted chocolate? Perhaps you can try some chocolate body paints and you can lick each other all over.

4. Dim the lights and turn the music player to a soft tone and dance in the dim lights. Whisper some romantic words into her ears and nibble the ear lobe a little. It will sure turn her on.

5. Rose petals over the bed and floor as well as in the bath tub!

6. Do you like the night skies? Have you seen the glow in the dark stars? Buy a few and decorate all over your ceiling.

7. Start off by giving each other a body massage. Change the body massage to a dirty massage slowly and it is going to turn you guys on!

8. Be sure to prepare a dozen condoms around the bed just in case you need it. You would not want to spoil the atmosphere when you need it and you don’t!

9. Have a romantic bed bound supper and enjoy wine together in the comfort of your bed!

10. Watch some romantic movies or adult movies together before sleeping!

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