Lighting Guide for Each Room in Your Home

Lighting Guide for Each Room in Your Home

Want to know more about lighting your house? This article will help guide you.

The hallway

The hallway gives your visitors the first impression of your house and so lighting must produce a warm and welcoming effect. By combining this warm lighting with large mirrors which emphasize the effects of the light, then you can create a wonderful area that is considered bright and welcoming.

The living room

When planning this room everything should carefully considered, such as: natural daylight, the positioning of furniture, TVs etc. Living room light must be easily controllable and functional. Hanging fixtures like chandeliers and pendent lamps form a cute decorative touch in your living rooms. They provide a pleasant overall shine to the space and may add some real depth. Wall Sconces are nice for adding a slight ambient light to this room. They look pretty when placed on a mirror or piece of art but not enough to light the whole place.

The dining room

The dining room needs good, bright overhead lights like a pendant directly over the table that will guarantee that guests can see each other and their food. Choose this piece carefully to match the overall decoration in the dining room and to provide additional width and height. A dimmer switch is very useful as well.

The kitchen

Lighting in the kitchen should be task oriented. A row of pendant lights or crystal lighting may add a terrific look to your kitchen. To create a cool touch, enhance a nice wood cabinetry with a glossy teak ceiling fan design will be awesome! A dimmer switch can turn an everyday dinner into a romantic evening at home.

The bathroom

Modern bathroom lighting should offer a variety of choices depending on the type of decoration and your personal mood. It may range from a bright white light like halogen spots to produce maximum light; to task lighting like that attached to a mirror for personal uses. Another helpful choice is to have an exteriorly controlled dimmer switch for producing a warm shine when you want to take a relaxing, slow bath. Alternatively, you can forget electricity and pick cute candles for a romantic bath.

The bedroom

The bedroom also needs a mixed array of lighting options; soft lighting to help you be relax, bedside lamps or wall lights for reading or for the evening and early winter mornings when there is no natural daylight, track lighting or bright pendant for personal grooming and dressing. Your bedroom is the one room that needs the most variation, so take your time and try out different combinations until you find one that you love.

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