Bamboo Patio Shades – 3 Things You Should Know

Bamboo Patio Shades – 3 Things You Should Know

Bamboo patio shades add not only an element of beauty to your patio or deck, but they also provide some nice privacy.

When choosing these types of shades for your outdoor decor, make sure you follow these 3 guidelines and they should continue to beautify your home for years to come:

1. Weather-proof colors – since your bamboo patio shades will be used outdoors, you want to make sure they are made with weather proof colors. Why is this important? Well, for one, the sun and the elements can severely weather outdoor furniture, including outdoor shades. This will cause them to fade and/or warp pretty rapidly if they are not weather-proof.

By making sure your selected shades are made with weather-proof colors, you can make sure that they will last quite a long time.

2. Mildew/mold resistant – there is nothing worse than hanging your new, beautiful bamboo patio shades only to find that a few weeks later they are full of mold and mildew. This happens especially often in humid climates.

The second criteria your bamboo patio shades should meet is that they should be treated or made with mold and mildew resistant materials. This will not only cut down on how much you need to clean them, but will also keep them looking new for years.

3. Rust resistant hardware – another quality your bamboo patio shades should have is rust resistant hardware. There is nothing more unsightly than a nice set of bamboo shades with rust stains streaming down the front of them. This can be avoided with rust resistant hardware.

This is of utmost importance as these shades will be outside and constantly exposed to the elements.

By following these 3 guidelines when choosing your bamboo patio shades [], you can ensure that the beauty they add to your home from day one will continue for many years to come.

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