Aquaponics Indoor Gardening

Aquaponics Indoor Gardening

Do you have an interest in growing organic foods?

Many gardeners who do traditional gardening or who have a desire to garden but do not have enough land have turned to Aquaponic gardening or farming. This method of growing allows production for fruits, vegetables, and fish. Both horizontal and vertical growing can be accomplished.

Beginners often start their first project in the home. Do you have an aquarium in storage or want to do more with your current fish tank? People enjoy the living art and the décor which this system introduces into living quarters. The beauty of the colorful fish and the greenery adds nature to the indoors while also growing foods. If there is no interest in growing foods many flowering plants may be considered.

Many gardeners enjoy traditional gardening. Some people like to use both methods.

Traditional Versus Aquaponics:

Land vs water
Large space vs small space
Seasonal vs year-round
Gardening tools vs some tools
Seeds or plants are used in both systems
Fertilizers vs organic fish wastes
Pesticides, herbicides, insecticides vs none required for indoors
Hours of maintenance vs one hour a day
Manual labor vs automatic operating equipment
Natural weather conditions vs controlled indoor environment
Eat produce vs eat produce and fish
Growing plants with water and fish is much easier. This is a more pleasant way of obtaining organic vegetables and fresh fish raised on the homeland with minimum of effort and costs.
Fish has become very expensive at grocery stores. If you enjoy eating fish this becomes more affordable than shopping at your local store.

Why are home gardeners and commercial farmers using this method of growing crops or fish or the combination of crops and fish?

Requires less water than traditional farming
No waste water is produced
No soil eroding conditions
No requirements for harsh insecticides
Toxin free fish
This type of farming coupled with fish farming has been done for thousands of years. Home growers have made great strides and the more ambitious gardeners are using abandoned buildings, such as warehouses, to build a commercial business. Once again, a hobby has become an entrepreneurs career.
How is this gardening accomplished?

Select ornamental or edible fish
A floating platform of containers with a plant or seed is placed on top of the water
The roots are attracted to their nutritional needs with fish wastes
The fish are placed below the plants.
Feed your fish as their waste matter is the essential fertilizer for the plants
The roots of the plants keep the fish tank clean
Gold fish are popular in the home because of their beautiful coloring. Edible fish will grow larger and when they reach the size which is just right for the dinner plate; go fishing by removing them from the tank.
There is your complete meal of fresh produce and meat. No license is required for this type of fishing.

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