4 Reasons To Choose a Larger Hammock

4 Reasons To Choose a Larger Hammock

Bigger is better. It’s a cliché applies to lots of things in life. And while hammocks come in all shapes and sizes for different purposes, (camping, sleeping, backyard, etc) in most cases it’s pretty simple: A good hammock is a double hammock. Here are 3 reasons you should buy one.

1. Room For Two

It’s not called a “double hammock” for nothing. A well-placed backyard hammock can be a great social piece. Not only do they convey an image of relaxation and escape but they provide visiting guests a great place to grab a nap, read a book, or just relax and grab some fresh air. But they’re also great for parents to share with kids, each other, or just to pile a couple friends on and swing away.
The biggest ones – even if there not called “triples” will often hold 3 people or even more! The trick? Sit or lie sideways like peas in a pod.

2. More Comfortable for One

Don’t feel like sharing? No worries! Unless you trade your car for a golf cart and your king size bed for a twin any time you’re alone there’s no reason to give up size in a hammock just because you won’t be sharing. Even for one person a larger hammock is more comfortable. The extra space gives you more room to spread out and even to lay sideways or change positions to find the most comfortable one.

3. Replace Your Bed

Recently, several studies have shown the benefits of sleeping in a hammock. Among them are falling to sleep faster, enjoying more REM sleep, healing from soreness or illness faster, and boosting your immune system to stay healthy in the first place. But since you’re not likely to throw away your bed for a tiny, cramped hammock, you’ll want a large one with more space and more comfort.

Tip: Place two eye bolts in your bedroom on opposite walls and, starting with quick weekend naps and eventually one night a week jump in the hammock instead of your bed. You’ll be amazed how much better you sleep, and how much better you feel in the morning!

4. Bigger is Stronger

In addition to being more comfortable a larger hammock is by definition more durable. Larger hammocks use more thread and support strings in order to carry more weight. Which means that you’ll put less stress on a larger hammock and can expect the strings to stay intact much longer. A good hammock, in fact, can last a decade if you take good care of it.

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